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Trainings and Meetings

For times and locations, please send a message to mmcwlapeer@charter.net

Dates and times subject to change

Date Event
April 10th Land Nav
May 1st Radio Class / Field Patrol
June 5th - 7th Long Range / Camo
July 10th -11th Coffee Can
August 7th Force on Force / Building Clearing
September 11th Picnic / Swap Meet
October 2nd Escape and Evasion 
November 6th Hand to Hand / Self Defense
December Community Service
January 8th - 9th Cold Weather Prep
February 5th - 6th Snow Dog
March 5th Meeting


Please bring your level gear (or as much as you have) to all trainings, unless other wise specified.

If you do not have the gear I'm sure you can borrow from others at the training.