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Start a Local Militia Unit:

The Last Line of Homeland Defense

We get an e-mail every few days from someone wanting to know about a contact in their area. Sadly, in many cases we do not have a contact because either there is little or no militia training going on in that certain neck of the woods, or because for some reason or another, those local militia outfits have "gone underground". Please don't ask about "underground units".

We can guess that the real question being asked is, "How can I contact other people in my area who are interested in forming up and training as a local militia outfit?"

A quick way to start this would be to establish a web page announcing your interest. You can set up a free web page with several companies that provide this service.

Also, please be aware that your own ISP (Internet Service Provider) may also offer a free website hosting service. I think that Comcast does. There are probably many other free web hosting providers online. Find one, and start your local militia web site.

Most of these services are easy to use and update. You can make a simple page which merely announces your intent to form a local militia unit and lists one of your e-mail addresses. You can add training and meeting info as it becomes available. The first thing, though, is to get started. We will gladly link to your new page. Pick a simple name such as "The Berrien County Michigan Militia" or "The Southwest Michigan Independent Militia" or something like that.

If this proves to be unworkable for whatever reason, we can try to set up a page for you on our own site. Please be advised, however, that server space is limited, and to be honest, we might be getting close to our upper amount of memory. (It has something to do with all those picture files...). At least we can list you as a contact person for such-and-such area. If any of you would like this, let us know.

What should be included on your web page, and in any flyers that you may want to distribute? A contact e-mail should be the minimum, and should be the first thing posted. If there is a local range that you shoot at, maybe announce the time that you will be there. You don't have to get "all militia-ed" up to go to the range, but you can announce that "I will be there Saturday morning around 10:00AM in a blue Dodge with two CB antennae." That way, somebody may want to introduce themselves to you, as in "Hey, I saw the web site, and I'm interested." You will eventually want to include times and locations for more open meetings and training sessions.

WARNING! We have no idea of knowing whether or not people who contact you are FBI, ATF, Interpol, or perhaps worst of all, some media schmuck. We don't care if they come to our meetings, and you shouldn't, either. We don't do anything illegal, and you shouldn't, either. Assume that somebody there is some sort of infiltrator or agent, and act accordingly. We get visits on our website from ".mil" and ".gov" domains all the time (Hi, Jeff!). We hope they are learning something. We wish they would donate some more, since we are furnishing them with a cushy detail job. Seriously, there is so much legal training, including marksmanship, medical training, tactics, communications, field craft and other stuff, that we should all be doing, that illegal stuff is not worth sweating over. No gun conversions, no bomb making, no lists of judges to assassinate. Don't do it, don't talk about it, and don't ask about it. If the local fed infiltrator asks you about it, just tell him, "We don't do that," and be done with it.

Once you get a handful of people, find a place to shoot. Hopefully, there will be someone with a decent chunk of land upon which you can train. If not, look for a local DNR range at which to shoot. Don't worry about the range officers, or the facility. If there is concern that they are jackbooters, then don't wear any kind of "Militia-looking" clothes. Just go to the range as a civilian (that's what we are anyway-civilians), and work on at least the shooting part of Level One. (This is 8/10 shots on a nine inch paper plate at 100 yards from a non-bench position.) This should help you get started. Also, feel free to look at the unit pages linked to from our links page, they may help you with some ideas.

This sort of thing will require initiative, dedication, patience, and an ability to tolerate disappointment, ridicule, and harassment. Ultimately, though, it will be worth it.

Don't wait until the next disaster or the next attack. Prepare yourselves now.